Our Battery Brain vehicle battery monitor is designed to work on almost any kind of car or vehicle battery. Our unique power monitoring system extends the life of your battery, giving you peace of mind, saving you money and safeguarding the environment. Battery brain ensures you never get stranded with a flat battery, and is more cost effective than a car battery recharger. See below for more details of our product range and place your order online.

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Battery Brain
The latest programmable range

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    Battery Brain T3 – 12V or 24V, Dual Remote + Anti-Theft

    £ 149.99
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  • New programmable Battery Brain Type T3, cut off 11.8V (23.7V) Offers manual or remote control reconnection.

    New Unit Features

    • Disconnect voltage programmable between 9v-32v
    • Delay time programmable from 1 second to 600 seconds (Standard preset is 30 seconds)
    • Waterproof to IP66
    • Antitheft Feature
    • Suitable for all 12 volt and 24 volt systems including for example –
    • Road Transport Vehicles
    • Public Transport Vehicles
    • First Response Vehicles (Fire, Ambulance and Police)
    • Tractors
    • Recreational Vehicles / Motorhomes
    • Boats and Jetskis

    Please note product is programmable only by distributor prior to dispatch

Battery Brain 2016
The final "Run Out" range
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