Learn the secret of increasing your personal safety, improving your vehicle security, saving money and helping the environment with one inexpensive and unique vehicle accessory!

So what exactly does Battery Brain do?

Very simply the Battery Brain connects to your vehicles Battery and continually monitors its charge. Were the charge to drop below the minimum required level (11.8v) to start the vehicle, Battery Brain would effectively disconnect the battery. It basically ensures that there is always enough charge to start the vehicle and you will never be stranded.

Battery Brain is being used already in many different types of vehicle (cars, classics, RV’s, fleets, vans/trucks, coaches, police force, emergency service vehicles and in marine applications) however it will work with anything which uses a lead-acid battery in order to start. If you are unsure if your equipment is suitable then please give us a call.batterybrainmagazineimages

What can Battery Brain Offer me?

  • Give you confidence that your vehicle will start
  • Protect you from being stranded – and in potential danger
  • Prevent loss of your valuable travel and work time
  • Avoid you unnecessary towing and repair costs
  • Extend the life of your battery and electronic devices
  • Reduce the risk of your vehicle being stolen
  • Allow you additional remote immobilization of your vehicle

Battery Brain was developed by Aharon Levinas who is a highly talented scientist and prolific inventor, with an extensive background in software and electronics. His experience in the semiconductor industry and production of unique microchips led to the development of the Battery Brain – one of a new generation of hi-tech automotive products. BATTERY BRAIN™ was invented in Israel in 1996. Before the latest phase of product development it was known as the Battery Buddy and had already established a quality reputation in the US, with almost 100,000 active units in operation.

Our customers

Our customers include large multinational organisations, local authorities and even the New Jersey (USA) police force. Dextera UK LTD is responsible for the UK, Republic of Ireland and many other European countries. We supply to individuals or suppliers, via business to business or our online store. We operate from a trading base in the Midlands and offer products for next day delivery for orders by phone, web or fax. We are 100% committed to offering first class service to all of our customers.

For more information about the different types of Battery Brain on offer then please visit our FAQ page here, to see information on pricing then click here for our products page.

The original BatteryBrain video from the inventor Aharon Levinas: