Some of our Products

Battery Brain Sport – 12V

This unit has been designed especially for sport vehicles, cut off 11.8V wired switch reset.

Battery Brain Sport Photograph

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Battery Brain T3 – 12V or 24V

With Remote Controls (Type 3) Cut off 11.8V (23.7v) offers manual or remote control reconnection.

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Battery Brain T4 Gold – 24V

Unit has the same capabilities as the Type 3, but instead of a remote control there is a wired switch that can be mounted in a remote location..

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Battery Brain Heavy Duty – 12V or 24V

Heavy Duty 12v or 24v cut off 11.8v (23.7v) for use on Mini buses, commercial vehicles, fleet vehicles and more.

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So what exactly does Battery Brain do?

The “Battery Brain” (BB) unit is an innovative accessory that easily installs to any battery. It has the ability to control Lithium Ion batteries, lead acid batteries or any other type of battery to ensure the battery is operating properly.

The BB uses unique micro-electronic technology and patented software to continually monitor the battery power, health and temperature. When The “Battery Brain” (BB) detects power falling below a safe level, it automatically isolates the battery from the electrical system. This will ensure the battery always has enough power to start the engine. It operates in a safe zone to prolong the battery life significantly.

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