So what exactly does Battery Brain do?

Very simply the Battery Brain connects to your vehicles Battery and continually monitors its charge. Were the charge to drop below the minimum required level to start the vehicle, Battery Brain would effectively disconnect the battery. It basically ensures that there is always enough charge to start the vehicle and you will never be stranded.

Battery Brain is being used already in many different types of vehicle (cars, classics, RV’s, fleets, vans/trucks, coaches, police force, emergency service vehicles and in marine applications) and will work on anything that uses a lead-acid battery in order to start.

What Can Battery Brain Offer you?

*Gives you confidence that your vehicle will start
*Protects you from being stranded – and in potential danger
*Prevents loss of your valuable travel and work time
*Avoids unnecessary towing and repair costs
*Extends the life of your battery and electronic devices
*Reduces the risk of your vehicle being stolen
*Allows you additional remote immobilization of your vehicle

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