Heavy Duty Battery Brain – Avoid Flat Batteries, Reduce Downtime

Save on downtime, inconvenience, potential safety hazards and ensure your vehicle always starts with Battery Brain.
This unique device easily installs to any vehicle battery with multiple configuration options for every model. All necessary hardware is included for mounting options available, the only tools required are a wrench and screwdriver.
Fit this clever device, and whenever a drainage is detected that drops the battery energy below a certain level, it will disconnect from the drainage source. When you want to start your vehicle back up again, just hit the power button and you’re good to go!
Fully draining a battery decreases its useful lifespan so avoid costly replacements by fitting a Battery Brain and extend battery life in all seasons and all conditions.
And because you can disconnect battery power with a simple push of a button, the Battery Brain makes for a great anti-theft device as well!
Visit our website for more information or to buy Battery Brain – www.batterybrain.co.uk