Battery Brain Leisure – The Perfect Power Companion for Motorhomes, Caravans, Home Boats, and RVs!🔋⚡

When parked up at your destination, Battery Brain Leisure ensures your home appliances won’t zap the vehicle battery, so you can continue your journey without the hassle of a recharge.

Battery Brain models are designed to isolate power from your battery, providing not only maintenance of power but protection to the vehicle itself, with anti-theft functionality for when you are away from your vehicle exploring.


Battery Brain Leisure has programmable options to 12V and 10.5V (+ wired switch with lower cut-off) – for recreational vehicles.

Avoid drained batteries and protect your vehicle now – Buy here: Battery Brain Type 4 Leisure – 12V (Features as Type 3 + Wired Switch and Lower cut-off at 10.5V) – Battery Brain

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