Very simply the Battery Brain connects to your vehicles Battery and continually monitors its charge. Were the charge to drop below the minimum required level to start the vehicle, Battery Brain would effectively disconnect the battery. It basically ensures that there is always enough charge to start the vehicle and you will never be stranded.

Battery Brain is being used already in many different types of vehicle (cars, classics, RV’s, fleets, vans/trucks, coaches, police force, emergency service vehicles and in marine applications) however it will work with anything which uses a lead-acid battery in order to start. If you are unsure if your equipment is suitable then please give us a call on 01675 465191 or email

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Battery Brain Sport – Don’t Let A Flat Battery Stop You!

Battery Brain Sport has been designed especially for Sport vehicles, including Recreational Motorcycles, Jet Ski’s, Quad Bikes and smaller Power Sport applications.
Not only does Battery Brain ensure that the battery never drops below the minimum charge required to start your vehicle, it also has manual disconnection function that provides the vehicle with an added layer of anti theft security. By disconnecting the battery, Battery Brain prevents the vehicle from starting until you reconnect the unit manually. Double Win!
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